Elixir Lovers VIP Club (Elixir 10-Pack)

Elixir Lovers VIP Club (Elixir 10-Pack)

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We're proud to have SCOTT RAO as our January Featured Elixir Roaster of the Month #Elixirao 

Having a get together or just an hard core Elixir Fan!? This Elixir 10 Pack is for you

Your Elixir 10 Pack will arrive with 10 x 8oz bottles of Elixir, brewed at two different hours (numbers on the front of the bottles) and made with coffee roasted by our carefully selected featured Elixir Roaster of the Month!

All the fun information you'll need (Roaster, coffee origin, music used to make your Elixir) will come included on a postcard in each case of your shipment!

Your Elixir will be shipped free directly to your home anywhere in the USA. As well, we offer shipping to most countries around the world. This will incur a shipping and handling fee*.

If you subscribe to our Elixir Lovers VIP Club, your first order will be shipped when you place it. Your subsequent orders will ship around the first of the month thereafter.

As a VIP Monthly Club member (Subscriber) you'll receive a 15% discount after your first order once you subscribe!


WORLDWIDE SHIPPING *Please note that we do not profit on shipping and handing fees.