Elixir FAQ's

1. What are the ingredients of Elixir? Filtered Water and specialty grade coffee roasted by the best roasters from around the world. Elixir is completely vegan, with no preservatives, flavourings, sugar, or any other nasties added.

2. What's the brew method? Well it's a secret...but we can confirm that the magic of unicorns may or may not be involved!

3. What's with the sound waves? If you'd like to know what music is used for your Elixir; subscribers and those who purchase Elixir online will find that information on a card in the box when they receive their Elixir, otherwise simply ask your friendly Elixir Dealer when you're purchasing it in-store. You're always welcome to contact us here with the details of where you got your Elixir, the number on the front, and the origin country on the tamper sticker, and we'll track the batch for you!

4. How much caffeine is in Elixir? Yes, Elixir has caffeine and we have had it tested! The lower hours (5-10) have the equivalent caffeine to about a cup of tea, middle hours (11-15) about the same as a strong cup of tea, the later hours (16-20) have the caffeine content equivalent to a cup of brewed coffee. Also, you'll notice that the caffeine affect is unlikely to be the same as when you drink regular coffee or espresso. Rather than the usual aggressive, jittery caffeine hit, people explain it as a gentle but unmistakable vibrancy of the senses. You're also unlikely to experience the same "coffee crash" you get from regular coffee, cold brew or espresso based beverages. PLEASE remember, everything we eat and drink affects each of us differently based on our body composition, gut bacteria, and general health. Caffeine is no different. It's why some people can have an espresso before bed and others can't have one after 2pm. #biochemisty

5. Is Elixir Alcoholic?: Elixir on it's own is 100% non-alcoholic, even though you may notices hints of whiskey and wine notes from time to time, this is an expression of the coffee from the brew method. These flavours are a natural part of the experience for different hours of Elixir. No alcohol is present as a result of the Elixirfication process. 

6. Those Numbers on the front of the bottle are the number of hours your Elixir has been brewed for.

7. Do the later hours taste stronger? Rather than stronger, it would be more accurate to say " different and more complex". The spectrum of Elixir from hours 1-24 is called an Elixir Rainbow, and if you get the opportunity to make your way to an Elixir Rainbow Tasting Event, you're in for a treat! (Join our mailing list for details). You'll get to experience the crazy dynamic of how Elixir evolves over a rainbow. It's a little mind-blowing-ly strange, but the best way we can describe the palate experience is that it's like 3D flavour profiling. Different flavour notes become more and less prominent with every sip and long into the after taste. That lingering aftertaste is divine and has been known to keep developing and changing for up to two minutes!

8. How should I drink it?: Elixir can be drunk cold or at room temperature (it changes flavour as it changes temp) but should be stored in the fridge. If you're a monthly Elixir subscriber, once you receive your Elixir, put it in the fridge and wait for it to chill before you crack it open! If you can serve it in a stemless white wine glass, please do. Start with the Aroma! Then try the 2 hours we send you side by side, going backwards and forwards between each hour. Firstly drink it chilled and then warm the glass in your hands to bring it to room temp. It will change in flavour! Different people have different preferences for how they want to drink it and this may chance for you based on the different Elixir's you try. Either way, the sensory experience is SO MUCH FUN! 

9. Should I drink Elixir with my meal? You sure should! It brightens the palate with ever sip and heightens culinary experiences like you wouldn't image! Perfect to serve at dinner parties, brunches, lunches etc with a meal for guests who don't drink wine...or who do! 

10. Should I add milk or sugar to my Elixir? For the same reasons that you wouldn't add milk or sugar to red wine we recommend that you don't add milk or sugar to Elixir. Elixir gives you the very rare opportunity to taste the flavour profiles of different single origin coffees in their purest forms. It's the cleanest way you'll ever taste coffee, guaranteed. We're all about Purity, Clarity and Authenticity at Elixir Specialty Coffee and work hard to bring that experience to you in the Elixir we create by carefully working with our selected coffee roasters and creating the water we think works best for our process! It would be such a shame to ruin all that meticulous work by masking it with sugar or milk/mylk!

11. Please describe what Elixir tastes like? If you've never had Elixir before, the best way to describe it is it "It looks like whiskey, feels like tea, made from coffee, and unlike anything you've ever tasted before.". We know that sounds like "not a real description" but we promise, like so many that have come before you and said the same thing, you'll understand once you've tasted it for the first time, it really is the best way to describe it because it is a very unique way of experiencing a coffee beverage. If you think of the complexity of whiskey with the refreshing-ness of iced tea, that will put you closer again in the ball park of what to expect! 

12. What is the shelf life of my Elixir? The shelf life of Elixir is approximately one month from manufacturing. You'll find a sticker on the bottom of your bottle with the "best before date". We use science to extend the shelf life rather than chemicals/preservatives, so once opened and exposed to oxygen the quality of the product will naturally start to degrade over the next few days just like wine would after you've opened it. You should consume your Elixir within a few days and always store it in the fridge. If you ever have any questions, please contact us via private message on our social platforms on Facebook or Instagram or via our contact page here.

13. Do you ship worldwide? We're super excited to announce that we finally do ship selected product worldwide from our online store via USPS 3-5 Day international express shipping. For our Australian customers, we're supplying you directly from the US from now on! If you've ordered from us before via our Aussie website, please email us for a one time free shipping code to get your Elixir sent to you in our beautiful 240ml bottles.

14. One last thing...many people who usual get a sore stomach from drinking hot varieties of coffee and cold brew coffee have told us that they don't experience the same stomach issues with Elixir. We're not Doctor's so we're just passing that info on...we're not stating that Elixir cure's anything or is a medicine of any kind. Just passing on the info!

    If you have any questions and would like to get in contact, please connect with us on our social platforms at either Facebook or Instagram @elixirspecialtycoffee by commenting or private messaging or via our contact page here.