Elixir Twin Taster - 2 x 8oz Bottles (WORLDWIDE SHIPPING)

Elixir Twin Taster - 2 x 8oz Bottles (WORLDWIDE SHIPPING)

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Get two bottles of Elixir made with the same roasted coffee but brewed for two different hours to give you a spectrum of how much the flavour profile of Elixir messes with your head.

To have Elixir shipped as a gift, simply enter a different shipping address to the billing address at checkout.

Elixir is made to order and will ship within 7 days from the time you place your order. Please email us directly through our contact page if you have urgent requests and we'll do whatever we can to assist you!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We're super excited to finally offer worldwide shipping! We only do international express i.e 3-5 days. This is why you'll notice that shipping is a little pricey. We do this to maximise on shelf life once you have your Elixir. Please use the tracking number we email to keep you updated on status. We'll do it from our end too, but if customs has your package you'll get it quicker if you call from your end!