ELIXIR LOVERS CLUB Elixir Trio - 3 For The Price Of 2 (After Your First Order)

ELIXIR LOVERS CLUB Elixir Trio - 3 For The Price Of 2 (After Your First Order)

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Welcome to the ELIXIR LOVERS CLUB! 

Back permanently in 2018 by popular demand is our "3 for the price of 2" Elixir deal. This special price kicks in after your first order when you subscribe. 

This deal is available when you subscribe to have an Elixir Trio delivered either once a month or weekly.

Your delicious and refreshing Elixir Trio includes 3 x 8oz (240ml) bottles of Elixir, each with a different brew hour. 

Orders are sent out the first Tuesday of the month for monthly subscribers and every Tuesday after that for weekly subscribers.

We'll feature a different fabulous roaster every month and no hours will be repeated in the same month.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: Please note for international shipping: We're super excited to finally offer worldwide shipping! We only do international express i.e 3-5 days. This is why you'll notice that shipping is a little pricey. We do this to maximise on shelf life once you have your Elixir. Please use the tracking number we email to keep you updated on status. We'll do it from our end too, but if customs has your package you'll get it quicker if you call from your end!

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS: If you've previously ordered from our Australian website, please email us for a special shipping code to get free shipping on your first order shipped from the USA.